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1 Ex, 1 New Boyfriend and 1 Dream

My dream started off in either my new apartment or my room at my parents house. As soon as I woke up that morning my ex called me saying “hey bestfriend” (his usual to swoop back in my life), I kept asking him what he wanted from me but he never answered so I hung up. My room is about medium sized and there were about 5 people in it including myself for a sleepover my brother, this crazy girl from highschool who I never talked to (i saw her at walmart the other day so i’m guessing that why is was in my dream), my new boyfriend, and some random dude. We all just talked and played games for hours till it was night out and everyone started to get where they were going to sleep, except the crazy girl who we’ll call Bri, Bri decided she was going to go out but return to my house a little bit later to sleep over, my brother slept on the floor, Bri also made her place on the floor, the random boy and my new boyfriend were in the bed and right between the middle of them was me, which didn’t feel awkward till I woke up so it must have been my best friend but a little bit older, ahh okay he’s gay that’s probably why it didn’t feel weird . So everyone is settling down we are all just watching tv in silence, my brother falls asleep and then my best friend and now it’s just my boyfriend and I. So out of nowhere like literally nowhere he starts giving me tattoo’ s, I had been wanting to get tiger stripes to cover up my stretch marks I got from puberty, so he started to tattoo them for me and being so sweet about them I didn’t even like my ex looking at them and forced him to turn the lights off when we had sex. Like guys I know it was just a dream but at that moment I fell in love with him, so it’s like
in the morning and he has to work in a couple of hours so we decide to stop as he is cleaning it up I notice that he missed a little spot so I tell him and he gives me a cute frustrated me look and fixes it. He falls asleep right after, so I start trying on Bri’s shoes which i noticed was a pair I bought my best friend, so Bri is my actually my girl best friend a little bit older and a couple of pounds less!!! Omg she’s dating my brother wtf?!?! So I decide to steal the shoes back and snuck them in my closet and then called her to see where she was, she’s shouting on the phone and I look out my window and this girl looks like a sloppy drunk woman walking. Anyways she gets in and we all go to sleep for 3 hours, I wake up and it’s just me and my boyfriend cuddled up and my mom talking to us about what looks good on her for church (aawwwwkward). Couple minutes pass and my phone starts ringing I look at boyfriend and I’m like my ex is calling and I knew he was going to say dont answer and I did anyways and he look so disappointed with me when I did :((((. Anyways my ex says “hey bestfriend” and I was like “____ what do you want” next thing you know my mom bust open my room door and was like did you just say “_____” and made the nastiest face. Then someone rang the doorbell so oh well. It’s clear what all of this means but I need someone to say it to me so I get it!!!!

Posted 1 year ago

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