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2 days ago, about death. And some sort of heaven.

I was already sleeping in bed, but in my dream I was going to bed after crying and crying, and not wanting to leave my life. My family. I had been told I was going to die. I finally fell to sleep in my dream, and I felt like I was being sucked into a portal! Then I woke up in this place. I guess you could call it heaven or something like that. Then a man came over and welcomed me. I saw my friends there too! I can’t remember what happened after that, except I had to pay £30 to stay in Heaven, or else I’d go somewhere else. But I don’t know where…? I also remember asking the Ruler of that strange place if I could go back through the portal to see my family just one more time, and I started a big crying fit. He let me, so I went. But I knew I did have to go back afterwards. I also remember another part where my dog, Holly, was right infront of me when I was back in the heaven, as a misty figure. She couldn’t see me, but I could see her. I tried to hug her one last time, but she was untouchable. I cried really hard when she walked away and dissapeared. I almost cried while typing this!!! It was one of the worst dreams I’d ever had. Losing everything I loved. I felt like nothing.

Posted 1 year ago

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Interpretation #1

I had a dream similar to this. its where you think what death is like if you haven’t actually died, so your brain tries to pick up the ‘missing jigsaw piece’
and fit in what heaven is like when really its nothing like the dream

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Answered By: NightHelix(7 points Novice)

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