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2 fictional characters and I were hunting a monster and trying to save

I was riding on a 4-wheeler in the forest with my friend, Sydney. We got a flat tire and started to walk back to the house. Sydney was grabbed by a man. I shot him with my 22 pistol (which i actually own). He didn’t die and a second set of teeth descended to cover his other teeth. He ran into the woods, carrying Sydney with him. I searched for weeks for her. While I was searching, I ran into 2 fictional characters from a show I watch, Supernatural (the characters I met were Sam and Dean Winchester). We tracked the man down to an abandoned mine shaft (which I’ve actually been to). She was lying in a hammock. Sam and Dean went to check if the man was around. As I woke Sydney, I noticed what appeared to be a second set of teeth. I kept it a secret and told Sydney not to tell Sam and Dean, for fear of them trying to kill her. We set up camp in the mine shaft that night and were going to head out in the morning. The next morning as we were nearing the maintenance road of the mountain, we came across a dying deer. Sydney whispered to me that she was so hungry and couldn’t control it much longer. She started to drink the deer’s blood. Sam and Dean pinned her against the tree, ready to behead her (the only way of killing a Vampire). I convinced Sam to let her go, and he convinced Dean by testing Sydney. He cut his hand held it above Sydney; she didn’t loose control. Dean let her down, but he bounded her hands so she couldn’t kill us in our sleep. We made it out of the woods in about a day. They led us to their car, a 1968 Chevy Impala. Dean warned Sydney that if he ever found out that she had “gone full on Vampire,” he would her down and make sure she never turned again. Sam and Dean got in their car and drove off without another word.

Posted 1 year ago

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