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A boy..

I’m searching for food with a puppy that i suppose is mine in the dream, hes dying. I ask shops and restaurants, one shop offers me some peeps and i feed it to the puppy. I’m with my friend from school, i dont like him or anything, just a close friend. The puppy doesn’t move or breathe but when i move the food closer to his mouth, he licks it and gulps it. My friend and i laugh. i ask my friend for some food, and he offers fruit. He leads me to his house on a balcony, and im too scared to walk inside, theres a lot of men in there telling me to go inside. then all of a sudden my mum is there with my family laughing because of some silly joke.. and then my friend doesnt give me the fruits so i just leave. i walk past a takeaway shop and past a group of ‘rich’ boys. one gets into his car and follows me.. eventually, i go to his room.. and theres a fanta bottle half drunk.. and i ask his father if i could have it. And he says yes. And then all of a sudden, i’m hiding in someones house, like a random persons house. and i watch through the sliding door and see the boy like looking for me. And after some time, some random person shouts at me telling me ‘HE WAS LOOKING FOR YOU!’ The boy finds me and gives me a sandwich and i feed my puppy, the boy offers his room for me and i sleep in it. then i go to school with this boy and we’re automatically boyfriend and girlfriend. (SO RANDOM) And i think he’s in the basketball team and hes quite popular.. and for some reason this dude says that i was playing basketball with him. And the boy from the beginning gets really angry and shouts for everyone in the room to hear saying ‘NO ONE (something) WITH HIS GIRL’ and i walk away and he yanks my hair and my head goes back. And then i shout at him or something and i walk away to this elevator with the guy that i played basketball with. The dream never showed me playing basketball, it just happened? and then i click a few buttons in the elevator and im not crying or anything.. and then i wake up and i can’t like get that guy out of my brain, i dont remember what he looks like, but apparently he was handsome..?

Posted 2 months ago

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