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A bushfire and horses

My dream started with me sitting on the back verandah looking down the paddock at my horses. I suddenly see smoke coming from a neighbouring paddock. I run down the slight hill to my horses, 5 in total (I don’t actually own these horses, they were dream horses) 1 big grey, 2 blacks and 2 bays. The smoke that started in the next doors paddock, has now turned into a slight grass fire. I turn to take rugs off my horses and remove halters, I turn back to look at the fire and there is now a fire truck hosing out the flames, then they leave. I turn back to look at the now put out fire, which has started again, I run up the road to wave the fire truck to come back, they spot me and do a u-turn. I run back to my horses and start to open they gate, the black and grey horse are kicking at each other. I jab the black mare in the ribs to move away from me. The fire truck can’t find me, so they drive off and leave the fire burning. From no where a girl appears in my horse paddock with 2 horses of her own, one she is riding, the other she is leading. By this stage everywhere around me is on fire. I scream at her to help me with my horses, but she ignores me, and rides off at a gallop with her horses. Then next I hear a big wooooosh. Everything goes quiet for a second, then a massive fire ball is flying towards me and my horses. The last thing I say, I’m gunna die, I wrap my arms around my black mares neck, as the fire ball comes towards us. Then I woke up

Posted 6 months ago

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