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A cat with a burned nose and eyes.

I was getting off of a school bus in front of my house. I was an adult and two children and a black “cat” got off with me. They were not my children and I have no children IRL. I am not superstitious about black cats, I have one myself. The kids said they were there to make sure “She was OK.”
They wanted to make sure the “cat” got home alright because it supposedly wasn’t just a cat. It was a blind and mute retarded child that just LOOKED like a cat. It’s eyes and nose were scarred over like they had been burnt.
It just sat and “stared” at me like it was looking through me.
My parents were there and I asked them what we should do. Should we call somebody? Call the school?
I questioned that it wasn’t just a cat and everyone told me no, that this is what happens when a person has sex with a cat. :/
So we all go inside. I really did not want that thing in my house. It was creepy and it fixated on me. Though it did seem to have intelligence beyond what a cat would have. It understood what people were saying.
My parents were determined to take care of it. They tried to feed it cat food but it drooled and spit it all over the floor. It didn’t seem to be able to eat.
I sat at the table and picked up that mornings paper. The front page was about how the cat was missing from it’s usual spots. Apparently her name was “Flower” and she frequented two parks near by. People went to take care of her every day and were worried because their beloved cat was gone.

I went to bed but before hand, made sure to get my cat in my room and block off the cat flap in my door. I didn’t want that “cat” coming in while I was sleeping.
I ( dream ) woke up in the night and thought I saw a curl of smoke coming from the heater vent. I got up and tried to go see, fearing a fire. I couldn’t focus on anything, my eyes wouldn’t work right. I suddenly realized I was wearing extremely dirty glasses. ( I don’t wear glasses. ) I quickly took them off and kept trying to find hints of smoke but I woke up ( for real ) in the panic.
I usually have a pretty good idea why I dream odd things but this one has me stumped. I didn’t eat anything weird before bed.

Posted 9 months ago

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