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A competition at the white house

So I’m posting this because I woke up with a very detailed memory of the dream which I immediately wrote down, and then went through again to clean up. This particular dream was much more vivid than any other dream I can recall.

I’m at the White House for some sort of competition, [a friend from college] is there and I think we’re working together.
There are a couple other people on our team an we are manipulating some technology that had a very distinct look to it but I can’t remember exactly what that look was. We may have also tested the technology in a series of crazy rooms like those echoless chambers.
Briefly, I see Obama in the hallway but he has weird facial hair.
Something happens and there’s a football game and I end up climbing along a jungle gym. I think I’m really under dressed at this point, in pajama pants while everyone is in suits and dresses. At some point I decide that the next portion of my dream isn’t exciting so I’m going to try to teleport to later in the dream and it works.
Now there’s a party I’m hanging out talking about pop culture things from people’s childhoods but I can’t remember any of the things my friends are talking about. One of them tells me I look like the karate kid. Then, these people with rocket launchers that shoot slow motion robot missiles which shoot fire as they fly but at the end a tiny hand comes out and flips a bowler hat onto the person who’s the target. In the dream, I have a distinct feeling like I’ve seen the logo for this company before in a Youtube video. They start giving away rocket hat launchers, but the green one I try to grab is broken and peters out after firing. I’m also upset that the rocket launcher is single fire and they only give us one spare hat-rocket.
At this point, I notice a weird kid with a mechanical leg who is acting shady so I tell secret service. The secret service guy looks like the guy who protected CJ in the West Wing when she got death threats, but he’s blonde and the secret service are wearing these grey/black checkered suits with blue shirts an grey ties [instead of the usual g-man outfit, something I don’t notice in the dream]. Secret service says they are already on it to which I reply: “man, I’m good at this”.
I go back to the main party and start feeling sick. my nose is bleeding and I’m stumbling and I vomit. The secret service guy me and figures out I’m poisoned and what I’m poisoned with but it’s a weird thing where I have to shove the guy who poisoned me and perhaps do something else that I can’t recall. To this I respond that the coolest way to get poisoned and I’m happy that it’s such a weird thing. It turns out the guy who poisoned me is the weird mechanical leg dude from earlier and he did so by sabotaging my hat rocket launcher to emit some king of gas. Secret service catches him and an accomplice and I shove them in turn and I am cured but they die in pain as weird geometric patterns form on their skin.
At this point some other stuff happens which I don’t remember so well. Although I think at some point the weird guy from “The Act of Killing” that’s always in drag doing a dance and a there is (another) football game. I think for some time I also can’t find my room (the White House feels much more like cross between an office space and a dorm at this point). My room number is 211 which I think Obama mentions in passing for some reason I can’t recall.
Things get clearer when I find myself needing to catch a bad guy who is running through a series of tunnels. Every time I turn a corner I see him turn a corner and follow him. At some point, I grab these 4 laser war axe things (not sure how I carry them) off the wall. Eventually, I figure out how the maze of tunnels works and am able to cut off the bad guy, but he has an accomplice who I didn’t see before and in my surprise I stab him with a laser axe in the stomach. I remember feeling bad about it. The other guy gives up and then secret service guy shows up and tells me I did a great job and I can keep the laser war axes. He also gives me some little cards as a reward too.
Some other things happen and I find myself eating in a courtyard. I can’t find the cards that the secret service guy gave me and I see some that look like them but when I try to grab them turns out they are someone else’s. I start explaining to the guy the whole thing and here, my memory gets fuzzy here and but I think I continue talking for a while.
A small crowd gathers throughout my story. I recognize Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes are there with some other recognizable faces. I end up talking about the solution to the competition from the beginning. The point I’m making is that the solution that people think is correct is actually just the most popular one and it seems good mostly because of groupthink. I talk about my solution and I mention that having an uncommon approach at a competition makes you more likely to win because if everyone is doing the same thing you are fighting over small details trying to make small gains when instead you can make a big jump by doing something no one has thought of. Things start getting really crazy at this point, all I remember is someone is stumbling around and someone doing archery in the background. Then I wake up in my room and it’s pitch black and I am hallucinating a voice who identifies himself as “Chancie” who tells me in a really strange high pitched voice that he drugged me but it’s cool because now we can talk about our feelings. I think he’s a black cat-like shape but can’t see clearly and I just don’t like being drugged so I crawl out of my bed, but start falling through the floor at which point I wake up for real.

Posted 4 years ago

Interpretations (1)

Interpretation #1

The dream is very vivid and contains a lot of different scenarios. Many of which are not really related to each other as you keep jumping from one part to another. The dream therefore indicates that you are wayward in your life and you are lacking a sense of direction and purpose. It is important for you to get a grip over the movement that has come in your life and you should choose to deal with it in the right manner. If you do not get the right stability, you are likely to get adrift and this will not make things better for you.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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