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A dream about my ex-best friend

So I had the most comforting dream about my ex best friend. We didn’t exactly leave on bad terms. But I was hurt when we had stopped talking to each other for about 2 years. I am a female, and my ex best friend is a male. We have messed around a few times. But the last one I feel like ruined our friendship. Anyway, he has been off working. We live in the same town. But we didn’t talk for 2 years. I ended up talking to this one guy, we got to know each other and started to see each other. Mr ex best friend suddenly came into my life. Was asking if I was talking to so and so. But he doesn’t ever ask me until we get by ourselves. We are acquaintances. We just are not how we use too. Well he ended up coming home from his job. He got drunk and was balling his eyes out. He was upset. He had alot on his mind. But he was wanting comfort. So I gave it to him. This is my ex best friend we are talking about here. He also kept saying that no matter what he would always be mg BFF. Even after what we have been through that we still consider each other as best friends. He kept telling me this. Repeating himself. Then a few days later. I ended up having a dream about this ex best friend. Let me tell you, I have not felt so comforted in my life. Well in my dream I was sitting on a couch next to somebody. My arms wrapped around his arm, my head leaning on his shoulder. Giving me kisses on my forehead. I just felt so comfortable I didn’t ever want him to leave my side. I am thinking to myself, and assuming the guy making me feel this way is mg boyfriend. I look up, it wad my ex best friend. In my dream, I was okay with him being next to me, letting me hang on to him when I need him. Little did anyone of you guys know, we use to hang around like that all the time. We always ended up cuddling with each other in the couch or on the bed. That’s just how we was. He was my best friend. Then my dream went into something else. I just constantly wanted his presence around me. So I could just hang on to him, and woulfnt let go. Well on the last part on my dream.. We was in this house, I was wanting to shower. I am a very modest girl. But he started mg shower for me, and I am not understanding wherever we was, the shower had like big windows around it. The guy that was looking thru the window, I asked if my ex best friend tell him to leave.. I made him block the windows so no one else could watch me get in the shower. I got naked in front of him. And washed myself while he blocked the windows for me. I have never felt so comfortable in my life.
Well that’s all I remember. I have had multiple dreams about him before. But this one felt so different. The vibe. The touch. His presence. It all felt real. The feeling I had was unexplainable.
If I was to tell my ex best friend to do something. He will drop everything and do it. Idk why. I asked him one day “how come anything I ask you to do, you do it…why is that? And he told me “its a habit i guess”
Anything. I swear he will listen. Idk why.
Well I hope my story was interesting Lol. Thank you. And good night.

Posted 4 months ago

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