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A dream set in the future about a girl I had to save

Well, this is all that I remember. This dream has recurred at least twice in the past week and I’m not so sure if it means something. It starts of as me playing my guitar in a wild west-y type town. It seemed as if this dream occurred after World War 3 or well a big war. I noticed buildings sunk in the sand and rubble everywhere. Well, I was just there playing my guitar until a girl came in. She had smooth blonde hair and she looked absolutely gorgeous. She then came up to me and asked if I could play the guitar, I replied to her yes and she said if she could sing a long with me, i replied yes again. So I started playing a song, I can’t exactly remember the song but it was a lovely experience and I wanted to sing with her again. Two guys soon came in and told the girl we had to go. She told me she had to go and she walked out the entrance of the shop I was in. I can’t remember but one of the guys slapped her and they crossed a bridge to one of these giant evil corporations. I suddenly knew I should probably get her away from those guys so I left my guitar to help. I left the shop about to get to her then I notice a kid came and stole I think it was my guitar but I decided to give a pounding to that kid. I realised I had incredible strength and incredible reflexes almost as if I was a pro at kung fu or something. I was beating the kid up then he got his gang of 5 year old’s and he took out a knife pointing it at me telling me to back off. I decided to stay and fight and give back my guitar so that’s what I did. I beat them up and disarmed the knife from the kid. What I didn’t notice though was that the knife had managed to slip into one of his gang members and he eventually stabbed me on the back of my hand. I didn’t notice pain though and I punched that kid in the face. I soon got my guitar back and decided to save that girl, but she was already long gone. I only knew one thing, I had to cross the bridge and enter the biggest and evil corporation on the Earth. But dreams are weird since I can’t remember but I skipped and I was on one of the floor’s of the evil corporation building fighting a bunch of horror monsters with another girl. Then it skipped again to me fighting the leader, the evil boss and that was it, I dreamy about that twice and I am quite enjoying this dream. I kind of would like it to happen in real life, well kind of but not the big war bit.

Posted 1 year ago

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