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A friend following me

I dreamt that a “friend” of mine was following me everywhere. Not only that but he kept speaking to me in this rude manner, even calling me names. I was going to school (he was from my class) but before that I had some work to do (I have no idea what that was) and he wouldn’t even let me have some personal space (he kept walking super close to me). When we were in school I tried to find someone to go out with so he wouldn’t follow me anymore but all my friends were either busy or didn’t give a fuck. And I remember when I was trying to get someone to go out with me he asked this guy “if i keep calling her the devil will she get mad at me?” and the guy just said “uuh yes”. And then this super annoying girl yelled to me “oh my god (my name), stop with this you’re always so depressed blah blah blah” and I told her that he’s been following me around all day and been rude to me so I have all right to act like this. And honestly this is one of the few dreams that made me feel really scared. There was another part of this dream but frankly I have no idea what it was.
Sorry this is all over the place I just kept remembering things and I didn’t know how to put it all together so it made sense and it ended up like this.

Posted 55 mins ago

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