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A “Friend” Turning Into Something?

So Basically In The Dream I Was In This Big Mansion Exploring (Friends Were somewhere else partying inside) i go upstairs to a store &. Notice my friend(a girl) is painting in one of the rooms, I’m looking at clothes when cans of cat food start falling one by one. I look to see if my friend in the other room heard this but surprisingly she is gone. I then notice how awfully quiet it is but then start to hear small whispers or very low voice(male I believe) I look into the room my friend was in & I see a black shadow/mist thing & immediately step back & cower into a corner hoping it’ll go away . I wake up before I actually see anymore and I don’t know if this is part of the dream or if I just made it up in my head but I was now out if the store (literally outside the entrance &. My other friends (guys & a teacher) are breathing heavy asking if I’m okay. I said yeah but what happened and they reply that one friend (male lets call him K) had a terrible dream/feeling that something bad was happening so he ran upstairs grabbing anyone else he could find just in case & this other guy (M) also had a bad gut feeling so he came up to. In the end I didn’t see the clone/copycat of the friend in my 2nd dream & I don’t know if my friends who came to help got rid of it, all I know is I’m glad I didn’t stick around to see this “thing” my mind is really creative & I just finished reading lots of reddit/nosleep stories (horror stories) before bed. Can anyone define the meaning of this ? Or is it just a simple good dream gone into a nightmare?

Posted 3 years ago

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