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A gorilla chasing my friends, family, and I

My friends were driving and riding together on ATVs… Going hunting and what not. Then we encountered this agitated gorilla, we all stopped in awe of this animal. Then it proceeded to get closer to us. I remember hearing one of my friends telling us to go. We drove away fast, then I was suddenly at home. Im walking in my house, my dogs greet me. I look out the window from my living room, looking at the gorilla sitting on the house across from mine. This gorilla proceeds to show interest in me, he crosses the road, and confronts me at the window. I flinched when he raised his fist, then I looked back outside he was not there. I looked down out the window, and he was laying there. I ran outside and looked at the gorillas lifeless body. He was killed in front of me without knowing. I looked at the screw driver planted in its head. I have no idea what this dream means… Im very confused.

Posted 6 months ago

Interpretations (1)

Interpretation #1

Dreaming that you are being chased by this gorilla could mean that your unconscious mind is telling you that you are avoiding an issue with someone or something.

Perhaps, you could be running from your emotions. This is a common belief in dreams about being chased. For example, you could be avoiding something painful, fearful, or even annoying.

But don’t worry, it is normal to dream of being chased. The majority of people dream about being chased. It is said that if one has never dreamed of being chased, it would be very unusual.
So, in conclusion, you are most likely trying to avoid something that needs your attention.

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Answered By: Baby Jungkook(4 points Novice)

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