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A gunshot from close range missed me

I was with my mom and godmother in my godmother’s car like a usual day. But, there was a square metal truck to our left (like a military one, something bulletproof). For some unknown reason, I got out of the car, walked around the square truck, and got in another car. Then suddenly, I was by myself in the backseat of that car lying with my feet out. A man was shooting at me from the top of the truck, (kind of like how theres a whole a Tank) through the back seat window, (where I’m facing him) and I have no clue how he missed me. The bullet literally curved around my head. His arm was extended through the window and he had a handgun. But, I also remember a bigger one. Anyways, in my mind I thought it was like a game yaknow, like I could say stop and so I scream out “Jaylen! Jaylen stop!” at him (Jaylen is the name of my African American younger brother and the man trying to kill me is a white man soooooooo). But instead of him stopping, the truck scoots back so he can aim better. He had to reload his gun and I had made a plan in my mind to make a run for it. Yet, I was glued to the seat because I could vividly imagine being shot in the back as I ran. It scared me to death. But the odd thing is, I had a gun too and I remember shooting sometime earlier, but at the same time I don’t remember. But anyways, when I did try to shoot the clip was empty. That’s when I made myself wake up. As a side note, I feel like the truck may symbolize a block between me and the ones I love. (My mother and godmother were on the other side). I also feel like I had misdirected anger. I mean, why would I shout Jaylen. We bicker a lot, sure, but he had nothing to do with the dream whatsoever. What does this very confusing dream mean? I’m terrified.

Posted 2 years ago

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