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A Justin Bieber Dream

I dreamed about Justin Bieber on an afternoon. Basically, he flew to our country. And then suddenly, he’s already outside our village, with people around him as he sings and tries to get along with the people. And I was just there, watching him doing his stuff. Until he notices me and pulls a chair to sit beside me. Then he starts talking to me, just like a talk show, obviously with a microphone. He’s asking me random things and he’ll put the microphone in front of me when I was about to answer. I can clearly see in my dreams that I am very shy around him. What I felt was really identical with how a typical fan would feel, just remove the hysterical shouting. I am calm and decent, very lady-like when he’s talking with me. Then he started to talk about personal things saying that he likes people like me. And then suddenly, the crowd started to vanish. People around us were starting to walk away. And when there’s only few people, maybe 9 of us, Justin Bieber sort of ended his “show”. Then he asked me if I have any hair conditioner because he’s about to take a bath. I said I have some at home and I started to walk towards our house then he stopped me to ask if he can have some perfume preferably for men. I told him I don’t have any perfume for men but I have one with his name (I actually have a Justin Bieber’s perfume in real life, the “The Key” one.). He asked if it’s “The Key” but then refuse. So I went home, get some hair conditioner and put on some makeup before I went outside. Then he asked me to wash his hair and I did. Then he went inside my auntie’s house, where he’s staying during his visit in our country, and took a bath inside. And that’s when my dream ends.

Posted 1 year ago

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