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a little boy

Last night I had a dream about a small child. I was in a house, which had a Japanese style. There might have been a daycare in the house ( I don’t really remember) but I was helping taking care of the place or of the daycare. I don’t really remember seeing many children, but I think I saw some children playing. Then there was only one child (the rest disappeared), that I for some reason was fond of. I was playing and taking care of him. Then a grandma appears (who seems to be running the daycare place) and she tells me that this cute little boy had no parents, but there one a person who took care of him (maybe his grandma, or aunt). But this person was neglecting him. Before this, in my eyes, the boy looked like a happy and healthy boy, but after hearing this the boy appeared smaller and weaker, and somehow more mature… like he had to grow up young, and didn’t really have a childhood, even though he looked like he was 4 or 5. I can’t remember exactly, but there was something that implied that he was taking care of a younger sister (who was also being neglected by their guardian). I then started to think of taking in the child to care for him and raise him (and be like his mother).
So I hold him and carry him so that we both take a nap on what it seem to be like a Japanese futon. I never let go of him and I cuddle with him to sleep, he curls up and falls asleep in my arms. I could feel how week his body was, and how skinny he was. He seemed so fragile, I was afraid to hug him too hard.

Now, this isn’t really part of the dream but as I was waking up and thinking back to the dream. I had this bad feeling about the child. And I had this thought that the child was bad. That in fact, his guardian was not neglecting him because they were just bad people, but because they were afraid of this child.
But I wanted to keep dreaming about this to see if this idea would continue, of course, I couldn’t go back to sleep. But now when I think of the dream, I think that the child was actually being neglected, and whatever thought I had as I was waking up was probably cuz my room was dark and like my mind was just messing with me.

But anyways, I just wanted to know if this meant anything at all, and what it means?

Posted 3 months ago

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