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a little girl

It was a lot of crazy and personal stuff lol but the main part involved this girl running around our yard and she was blonde with blonde colored clothes and blonde colored skin almost. She looked washed out yellow and I kept seeing her looking in our Windows so I went out to talk to her and her face morphed into one of those big black eyeholes and wide roaring mouths faces so I was like wtf I obviously need to befriend this force so I can see what it wants. So I get to talking to her and she says all this personal stuff about me that’s true in real life and says she knows it and I was still playing cool like ok you know me so let me know you so we talk and it’s so realistic like I remember the whole conversation, but anyway she basically says she was left by her mom and that wasn’t what she really looked like, she just took that form so I would feel more invited to talk to her. But she was like oh I can take you to the moment. And I was like ok whatever that means and suddenly I was in a hospital looking at a not-so-cute b a baby with shiny poison ivy looking skin condition and it talked like she did and she looked about 5. And it was like don’t touch me and for some reason I found myself apologizing and crying because it didn’t want me to touch it because it knew I thought it was ugly because it could read my thoughts. And I felt like I was the one who was abandoning it. And the girl suddenly had me back at the house and told me she couldn’t leave me and I woke up

Posted 11 months ago

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