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a meeting.

i met this guy called mohib in a dream and he said to me “this is our safe place to meet”.

Posted 5 years ago

Interpretations (2)

Interpretation #1 by Anonymous

Well, it is short, but let´s see:
There is something from the past that you need to integrate into your current life. Target your energy more towards your goals.
Make sure you are (physicaly or emotionally) better protected, because apparently you are in need of some sort of protection right now.
Express yourself in a more clear way, to avoid miscommunications.
Do you know a certain guy named ‘Mohib?
If so, your intuition about him is correct.
If not, it could be a pin on words (so play with the vowels and consonants and maybe it will ring a bell for you).

Good luck! ;-)

The Full Time Dreamer also on Facebook or on Twitter (@dreammeaning)

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Interpretation #2

Seeing a strange person in your dream might signify an adventure is on the cards. However, the fact that he told you that it is the safe place to meet means that you are going to share a secret or some treasure. So, brace yourself for some adventure as you might be meeting some unknown stranger who can then become an integral part of our life. So, this dream is a call to be on alert and be cautious because you have no clue whether the adventure you would be meeting will be a good one or bad as you did not see the consequences of the meeting.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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