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A nuclear explosion

I was driving along a road in a populated city near water. Away from home like a am working as a contractor in another state. To my right, I see 4 missiles travelling at the same speed seconds before impact. As the cloud begins to rise, I sit in my car in disbelief that it happened this way. Knowing I will die soon I start to pray. Awaiting the city leveling blast that does not come, I snap to and begin moving away from the blast driving the vehicle. I somehow end up driving through water and decide to abandon the vehicle to find some kind of shelter from the coming blast that somehow is late in arriving to me. A time later while looking and running I feel extremely guilty and idiotic for leaving the vehicle. Like I failed at that very crucial moment, monumentally, with that decision. I could have saved/reached my family with that vehicle and that blast has not come. I decide to go back to the vehicle. As I am running and now looking at the mushroom cloud, I see other vehicles moving and people running, I hope no one has stolen my vehicle. Some time later the blast comes but it is overhead. I can see this cloud ring burst out from all sides of the mushroom. I pause, waiting to be hit by this blast. Again it is not leveling the city. I begin to run in the opposite direction, looking back at the cloud. I then feel a burst of wind, not enough to knock me or anything down. A few seconds later I feel heat. It’s getting hotter around me, but not burning, I feel like it may be radiation then I wake up from the dream.

Posted 5 years ago

Interpretations (1)

Interpretation #1

You find it hard to make the decisions of life. The dream is hinting that you tend to make quick decision by analyzing the situations. But, at the end you regret your own decision. Thus, this dream asks you to have a finality of decision. You must be confident of your own decision as being fickle minded is not going to help your matters. Also, the fact that the storm took a lot of time in hitting you means that there would be a few lucky moments in life. However, you cannot expect to win the game on the basis of luck. In the end, you were suffocating and the storm reached to you. So, the solution does not lie in running rather you have to fight with it.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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