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A physical fight

My dream is that I am in a fight. I don’t remember who the fight was with but it was a physical fight. In the dream I am fighting this person with all my strength. I was still fighting in the dream then I woke up.

Posted 3 years ago

Interpretations (10)

Interpretation #1

Fighting in dreams means there is inner turmoil. The fight denotes the conflict from within. A pair of fighters represents the two aspects of you that are in a battle. One part of you may feel disrespected or unheard. The other part may be fighting to be heard and respected. It is possible that you feel something within you has not been resolved and you are fighting these feelings.
The dream may also reflect something that is going on in your reality. Struggles that you are going through may be manifested in your dreams. Fighting in dreams also represents long term problems that haven’t been solved.
Dreams of other people fighting mean that the dreamer does not want to deal with their own problems. The dreamer refuses to take initiative to fix issues in his own life. In essence, he is a spectator only with regard to the turmoil he faces in reality. 

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Answered By: Ericr(3 points Novice)
Interpretation #2 by Anonymous

I had a dream also like this but it was an old friend of mine but we know but seriously hate each other… but when we were fighting she was hitting regular and I was hitting slow motion but I still had won the fight…. Why Though? What Does It Mean?

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Interpretation #3 by Anonymous

I had a nite mare some one fighting with my husband and almost killing him I was tring to run to him and could not move my legs where frozen I woke up crying with tears what does this mean

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Interpretation #4 by Anonymous

I was dreaming I would fight this same girl who I do not know. But she kept provoking me and once the police were involved and wouldn’t allow us to fight anymore then my sister wound up fighting Someone in my dream.

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Interpretation #5 by Anonymous

I had a dream of both of my exes and they were fighting, i got in the middle and begged them to stop and then the next thing i know the guys are walking off, like they were friends or something

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Interpretation #6 by Anonymous

I had the same dream fighting with some punk i used to now except for as soon as started fighting i woke up. Most of the was aftually us arguaing and eventually dealing with it but we decided to fight cuz some kid

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Interpretation #7 by Anonymous

In my dream, it was pretty vivid that I was fighting. Fighting against a couple of bad guys who came to my house in order to attack us. This dream was pretty weird, because I was the only one there fighting against them. My family was inside. I think I was trying to protect my child and everybody else by making sure they stay inside. I thought the child was my little brother but now I’m thinking this dream is mostly about my future life. Another thing is I don’t know how to fight, but in my religion, it’s important to stand up against injustice or when something goes wrong, in this case, it was for defense. I need feedback of what you guys think because I think this dream is going to come true. I’d rather be prepared for it than lose in the scary fight.

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Interpretation #8 by Anonymous

help plz.

A friend of mine elly had a dream, her n i were out haveing drinks, I started to talk to someone eles (miss x) and that someone eles started screaming at elly. elly approachs miss x to defend herself when I also start yelling and calling elly names for no reason at all. elly pleds with me “how long have we been friends for?” ect. I wouldnt listen to her, then all of a sudden elly stabes me numerus times.
elly and I have been good friends for years, but we dont talk that much anymore, we r always there for one another tho. what does all this mean. its freekin elly out.

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Interpretation #9

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Answered By: JBJKD(2 points Novice)
Interpretation #10 by Anonymous

My dream was that my ex told me he invited me to the party because him and this girl was going to fought me. The girl appears out of nowhere like she had been crying, I tie up my hair I begin fighting her. I’m hitting in slow motion and hitting her head in the concrete but yet we’re in a school. then she ends up in my house with a gun in my house I pull her by the hair and throw her to first floor. I woke up with my eyes watery. But in, my dream I felt alt of anger yet pain

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