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A recurring driving dream, please help

I dreamed I am driving an 18 wheeler over rough roads. There\’s tough curves, potholes and stuff and its hard but I\’m making it. I feel in my dream like I\’ve been on this hard bumpy road before and make every effort not to go of into the ditch when suddenly its nighttime and me and my co pilot (for want of a better term) are pushing this 18 wheeler up steep icy roads and every so often there\’s an impossibly low ice bridge I have to squeeze under as I go. The further I go the steeper and icier the road gets. I guess the good thing is my co pilot encouraging me to keep going and warning me to hurry up and push faster because another 18 wheeler is coming up behind us really fast and we barely made it off this road. When I was young I had similar dreams but at the crest of the hill was a crumbled overpass I would fall over the edge of, unscathed.

Posted 8 months ago

Interpretations (2)

Interpretation #1 by Anonymous

Road tend to represent an adventure in live, where you surpass the hardship, you done good job. As for your “co-pilot” can represent partner, close friends who support you. Not everyone going to live life at the same speed off course.
Younger childhood dream of jumping of the hill said much about what you dare to accomplish, simply, you got guts or boldness.

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Interpretation #2

It may be telling u that u either had a hard bumpy road in life (your life)that u have overcame or that u may have a hard bumpy road in life that u may have to travel or overcome coming up In the future and it may be telling you to either change your path in life or to overcome the obstacles coming up

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Answered By: leeleemarie(3 points Novice)

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