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A snake

I was walking through the woods when I came across a wooden bridge. The bridge was sturdy it was well built. It was over water. I began to walk across the bridge when I was almost 70 percent across it I noticed I had mud on my shoes so I went over to the side of the bridge to scrape it off. There was some cardboard by the post when my show touched the cardboard it fell over and there was a coiled snake. In my dream I knew it was a cypress snake. I know nothing about snakes and could not name them if I wanted to but I was certain of what type of snake it was. It was very dark in color. I jumped backwards immediately when I see the snake. Then the snake jumps towards my face like he is going to strike me but almost as if it was in slow motion we just stare at one another for a moment and then he went right back to his coiled position. In the dream I began to question the reality of the snake thinking to myself if it had been real it would have bitten me. So I go back the way I came on the bridge and suddenly my brother is there sitting in a chair by the fire like we were camping there. I tell him about what happened and he thinks it’s cool! I think no, it’s not cool I could have been hurt or worse. So I’m rationalizing that the snake must have been fake and rigged up by someone making a joke or something. But then I look back and I see the snake lunge toward an animal of some sort and I realize it’s real. That was the end of the dream.

Posted 2 months ago

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