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A snake in the steering wheel of a car I was driving.

In my dream, I was driving my fiance’s Chevy Blazer through the mountains in the north of Argentina, which is one of our favorite places to visit. (Ironically, in real life, he is there this weekend with his family and I am still in Buenos Aires where we live.) Also in real life, I NEVER drive his car because it is a stick shift and I can’t drive one very well, so I wouldn’t even think of driving it in the mountains in reality.

In my dream, there was a rippling movement in the center of the steering wheel and I kept feeling pressure on the middle of my right thigh and just above my right knee. The ripples in the center of the steering wheel were small at first and then the movements and the protrusion increased. My fiance was in the backseat at the time, right behind the drivers seat, and I told him to look at the steering wheel. All of a sudden I felt more pressure on my leg and the temperature changed. When I reached down under the steering wheel, there was a snake starting to come out. I pulled out a 3-5 foot boa constrictor and tossed it to the passenger seat. At that time, my fiance was in the passenger seat, which I have no idea how he got there from the backseat since we had not stopped. I remember telling him to take the snake because it was trying to come back my direction; that I would pull over so we could let it out. (It didn’t make sense to kill it since we were in nature.)

I looked down at its head and to verify it wasn’t poisonous. It also didn’t seem to be aggressive. I felt a bit of panic anyways and tried to stay calm because I was driving. My fiance took the snake around the neck and towards the tail to hold it back from moving anywhere. As we were coming to a curve in the road, I saw a spot ahead where we could safely pull over and be far enough away from passing traffic.

As I started to leave the road and go onto the grassy shoulder, the road had a curve with a bridge. The shoulder of the road started to separate from the bridge and the space between the shoulder and the road increased as the curve of the main road went to the left. If we fell in this space, we would fall hundreds of feet below. There was a little wall that started to crop up out of the shoulder, at the beginning it was about a half foot or so high and as we got closer to the bigger space to park, the wall height gradually increased. I turned the wheel to the right more forcefully because I wanted to get over the wall before it got any higher, the car went on its right wheels only, with the left wheels catching slightly on the wall. We were so close to tipping and landing on the right side of the car. I saw people running from the left and towards us to help (not sure where they came from either).

When we got to the open patch on the side of the road and stopped, the car thumped down on all four wheels. People were running up (I saw a few men in particular who were dressed in what looked like clothes and hats from the early 1900’s) to see if we were ok.

I looked over to the left and remembered feeling relief I was able to get us safely to the side and not fall hundreds of feet into the valley.

There were trees to our right and my fiance opened the passenger door to take the snake to the trees. As he was getting out of the car, I woke up.

Posted 1 year ago

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