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About a week back, when I was ill…

I dreamed I was walking home from a store that’s now closed (in reality), I was overburdened with my purchases. As I took a path home that led through some housing, I looked up to see the midnight sky light up, as though the sun had rose. The sky turned blue and all. And then I noticed that all the air traffic- all the planes were just…falling. As though the air around their wings had vanished. They just cartwheeled on their way down, crashing in random locations. Some very near (heat and shrapnel were terrifyingly close!), some farther away. Some I watched destroy entire buildings in massive fireballs, some just plowed into the soil, and burned a bit.
About 8-14 hours later (in the dream), I was with a friend on the back lot of my property. We were talking about what might be going on. I heard more aircraft, and told him to prepare to take cover. I then realized the aircraft I saw were predator-class drones. They were carrying large bombs. They were a part of America’s automated nuclear delivery system (you won’t find info about this online). As the drone prepared to drop its payload, I screamed to hit the deck. We did. Then the nuke detonated. Its impact point was three miles or so east of us, more or less over the beach itself. I saw the flash, and only woke after the shockwave incinerated my body. As I woke, it occurred to me the guidance network must have crashed, leading the drone to dump its payload in a more or less random spot. It was only bad luck my dream self got nuked.

If it’s not apparent to readers, all of this was intensely vivid. I even got a sense of the megatonnage of the warhead (about

Posted 3 years ago

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