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Aiding in old high schoool friend/ crushs suicide

This recent dream of mine just sort if just appeared, there was no real setting or build up that I could remember. It started with me trying to help my friend hang herself. I instantly abhorred this idea and struggled immensely with the thought of it, but somehow was convinced by her that it had to be done. We used surgical tubing (that slingshots use) and I tied it off to an overhead beam in some unfamiliar living room. She then rigged yourself in place as I watched and began to tear up. She kicked a stool out she was standing on and started to hang. She was wheezing but not sufficating and started to smile and giggle which made me laugh too with her. (We have an identical sense humor and she gets me every time.) Soon we realized it hadnt worked I picked her up and brought her safely to the ground. She wanted to try again with rope for more assurance and we arrived at this barn (also unfamiliar) and she and I began to rig her hanging spot. Someone else, I could not identify (seemed to be an older woman) asked what we were doing and without judging, began to help. This stranger and I argued a bit on the rigging and location. I then went to my friend and begged her to LIVE and seriously questioned why she had to commit this suicude. Then she and I started to cry looking at each other as she said she wanted to live. I held her close for awhile and with soo much relief! Then later at some party, she gave me a bag full of stuff relating to the attempted suicide, of which expressed her gratitude and contained humorous content, confirming to me exactly who this persons identity was in my dream, she was an old close friend/ crush from high school. We had strong feelings for one another but never got to date due to complications. I have kept in touch with her though and we are still good friends but I thought I moved on from any feelings of romanticism with her. In my 20s now, Ive moved away and started a long relationship with a different girl whom I love and feel happy with. Why did I have this dream? I havnt spoken to this girl from my dream in a long time nor have I seen her. It was her birthday recently…

Posted 1 year ago

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