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I had a dream that my husband , my children and myself were at some kind of party at our post. As we were leaving, it was late and i looked up in the sky and i could see that way up a plane had broken apart in midair….and i remember saying, Looks like that plane broke apart….the next thing i knew part of the plane fell out of the sky directly into my neighborhood about 1/4 of a mile from where we were….we all started in the direction of our home , my husband called the house and my father in law answered, said they were fine but all the damage was done just a street away and further down….then I woke up…..I remember being terrified in the dream because of the thought that everything and everyone i knew might be gone…..i woke up with my chest pounding out of my chest….

Posted 2 years ago

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Interpretation #1

somewhat similar to my dream (see below)

I’ve been having dreams of airplanes dropping, falling from the sky for the past 6 months or so. In these dreams I am always in a different place. Outside of my home, in a field, on the freeway, etc. The planes are falling, but you can tell the pilot is attempting to pull the plane up… but to no avail. The latest one was 2 nights ago. I was outside with my daughter and she was telling me how she had been getting some amazing pics from auras and rainbows in the sky. I started looking up and was like, yeah, the sky looks so beautiful. I went to grab my phone and started taking pics too. Then all of a sudden we all stopped and saw two big planes falling fast and the back of the planes was engulfed in fire. The planes were so big and right in front of us..and everyone started run. Me and my family made it into our house but some didnt make it in time. I saw debris hit someone and they like turned to ashes.

Now, this gets weirder. Last night i was watching an episode of Fringe. People were driving down a country road and their cars stopped. Everyone got out of their cars and were looking around wondering what was up. They saw something in sky and ….slowly… freaking planes started falling from the sky…and they were engulfed in fire! After the planes crashed, their cars started back up and all of their radios were playing a song as I listened to the words…I was absolutely astonished to hear these words,
” I had the most crazy dream last night.”

I was totally freaked out!

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Answered By: dreamersz(4 points Novice)

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