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All I dream about is being shot. PLZ HELP

I’m sorry, this is quite long but I’m pretty worried and I have no idea why this is happening. I only dream about getting shot, sometimes in the head but usually in the body and more often than not I get shot multiple times but this is the first time Ive been shot by 2 people. Ive never been shot in real life but each of these bullet wounds felt extremely real and very painful. So much so that when I wake up for around 20 seconds I can still feel that pain. I will elaborate more on previous dreams but I’d like to explain the one I had last night first. I’m a 19 year old male.

Let me start off by explaining the dream I had last night, its still fresh because I have just woken up and I really want to know why this kind of stuff is happening. So, first off, I was getting a job at this grocery store named Kroger. I was working my shift and the regular was happening there then it ended and I was going to get a few things before I went home. For some reason I no longer had my coat on and couldn’t find it so I wandered about to find it. I got about 15 feet away when the clerk approached me in a very rude and demeaning manor and screamed that I need to put everything back on the shelves. I guess she thought I was just leaving the store. To which I replied, “Well, I was going to buy these but since you’re so impatient and rude I’m not going to and you can put them back.” And I sat the goods on the floor. She became more furious but it almost melted away into the background and I started my search for my coat. I passed this kiosk where this man was sitting where I still paid for the goods I originally wanted. I had 30$ in my wallet or so I thought and I gave him a 10$ bill. As I was walking away, i noticed one of the 10$ bills was actually a 100$ bill and I rushed back to make sure the other was in fact a 10$ bill and it was. I never actually took the goods home. Searching and searching for my coat I finally found it and it was on the other side of the rude clerks desk underneath this desk sort of thing (like where you put in job apps) and there were people there, they didnt say anything and ive never seen them before. Just like i haven’t seen anyone in this dream before or at least I dont know or remember them. I grab my coat and put it on and notice it has some things in the pockets. My phone is in the left pocket, and the otter box case I have on it was dismantled into its 3 parts. In the right pocket were my keys and cigarettes (marlboro reds 72s, there were 3 left). As I approached my car two men walked up to me, one white one black and asked for a smoke. They walked around kinda funny but I obliged and passed him one. As I passed it to him, he stuck his hand in my left pocket and got something and started to run off. As I yelled at him he because violent and came back and slammed me into my car and him and his friend ran off. I panicked, thinking he stole my phone but I reached into my left pocket and realize he mustve only gotten a piece to my phone case. Shaken, i get into my car and get ready to drive home. I leave the kroger parking lot and drive along this long road up to a stop light that. Out of no where, a man riding a bike in a pink animal suit rides out of the bushes and stops, looking at me. As I continue to drive i get closer and notice something in his hand. A rather large silver hand gun. I hear gun shots as I floor the gas to get away, I can feel an overwhelming sensation of adrenaline. I’m pulling up to the stop light and another man just like the other one does the same thing, except this time he’s yellow. He fires at me as well and I make a hard right and floor it. I get out my phone and call 911 still unable to feel anything but my lower back feels wet. Its at this moment I realize I have been shot multiple times. on my left side, underneath my armpit, my right arm, and the bullet wound on my left side has gone though to my right side. I took off my shirt to examine my wounds, on my left side there is a giant, gaping, red circular hole but I dont see any blood. On my arm I see the same except an excessive amount of blood. I did not examine the exit wound on my right side. I try to explain to the police where I am but I just started this job so I’m unsure, I’m looking for road signs and I turn onto a road named Perth (never heard of it before) and they tell me it’ll be 20 minutes until they can get to me. I hang up, infuriated and I start looking for a bar to drive to. My thinking was if I could find some bikers I’m sure they’d help me (around here, bikers are well known for their generosity and care-giving to charities, orphanages, and children from broken homes) but I can’t a bar. I decide I’m taking matters into my own hands. I feel weak, things start to get blurry but I find the highway and floor it passing cards and weaving into traffic. Its a very strange high way, when I got on it there were no dividers, no crash barriers, only yellow and white guidelines to indicate which lane is which. I see cars going in all different directions. Imagine the game Frogger. I’m going left and then Im at a stoplight on this highway, all though ive never seen one before. Everything grows really dark and as soon as it turns green I woke up.

Now for another dream I remember more vaguely but enough that it stuck with me.

I dont remember much of this one, but I remember being at a beach with some friends and this friend from my childhood was there as well but grown up. We do activities on the pier but then the childhood friend takes out and AK-47 and starts murdering all my friend and the bystanders. I ran down the beach but he followed, i jumped off the concrete ledge i was running along about 10 feet down and hurt my leg. I’m flush with the wall and the sand, where they meet and my face is looking towards the wall. I hear him jump down and start talking to me. I’m crying at this point, I thought that if I turned around he couldnt shoot me because I was looking at him so I told him I’m turning around. He told me not to but as I started tuning he shot me a lot. I dont know how much but i know it was more than 3. I remember the pain, i couldnt breathe in, blood started spilling from my mouth onto my lips and then onto the sand and then I woke up.

There are many more similar to these which result in me getting shot but its really all I dream about. Most of the time I dont have dreams but when I do its of me getting shot and the bullets feel extremely real as does the pain. PLEASE HELP

Posted 2 years ago

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