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Alligators chasing me what does it mean??

well, i had this dream about 2 or 3 yeas ago. i remember i was in the park which in the dream ( and real life) was close by. i was running and the alligator was right behind me. i was panting hard and sweating. right when the alligator was going to bite me i woke up.

Posted 4 years ago

Interpretations (7)

Interpretation #1

“To dream that you are running away from the alligator indicates that youare unwilling to confront some painful and disturbing aspect of your unconscious. There is some potentially destructive emotion that you are refusing to acknowledge and owning up to.”

Tell me how you woke up? Did your alarm clock wake you up, or did you just randomly wake up in the middle of the night? 

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Answered By: fatefate( points Novice)
Interpretation #2 by Anonymous

i gues..u had to tel da ans instead of questioning them!! lolz

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Interpretation #3 by Anonymous


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Interpretation #4 by Anonymous

I had this dream. In mine, i was running through a building of some sort, slamming doors in an attempt to escape. As you said, the gator launched, mouth open. When this happened, I woke up. Still trying to get my head around it.

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Interpretation #5 by Anonymous

You should try running more to increase your endorphin levels. The alligator represents your anxiety and your thoughts. 

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Interpretation #6 by Anonymous

I had a dream I was in a canoe, while being hooked up to another ganoe, and was being chased by alligators. While in the water  I seemed to be safe  although I was hitting the alligators with a paddle. The dream continued on and I was on top of a peak, similiar to a slide alligators use. I had two options, one was to use the slide which was going in the wrong direction apparently or use the long slide which was flooded by water, I chose the one flooded by water. I was blind and dark on that slide and could not see the alligators and was fearful of being attacked. My dream transformed into a dinner scene of which both my

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Interpretation #7 by Anonymous

I was runnning through the building i live in running away from the gators then ended up inn a swamp hiddi.g under water from them but i could see under the water .. the water was very murky almost like mud then i was fighting the gators back in the building that i live inn jumping over them almost like i was dodging them

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