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Almost getting killed but running away.

There was a woman who appeared in my house. She was wearing a red, fitting dress. I told her that she needed to leave once I had found her and she told me she was sorry, and that she would, in fact, leave. But before she did, she said “he’s waiting for you.” I thought it was strange but I thought nothing more of it. I went downstairs to the basement (it’s like a living room) to watch television. A man appeared, wearing a suit. I knew I should have called the police, but I thought that pulling my phone out would be risky. I thought it would make him mad. So I went along with his little plan. He asked if I liked swing dancing, because the previous night, I was at a school dance, and he was somehow watching me. (In real life I had a dance the night before this dream.) He thought I was a good dancer. I said sure. For some reason I was wearing black tights and a tight, black dress. I think I had something going on that night but someone cancelled or I just decided not to go. So we started doing the swing dance moves. Through the legs, twirls, everything. But every now and then, he would pull my eyes out and do something with them like juggling, but I saw him doing it somehow, even with my eyes in his hands. He pulled them out like we were cartoons. The woman in the red dress must’ve been his accomplis, because she came walking down the stairs. She asked the man if he was down yet. Throughout this whole thing, I continued hoping that I could somehow make him fall in love with me, but I dont think it worked. He told the woman he wasn’t done. I told her, “hey, do you think I’m not going to get killed?” And she said, “oh, honey, he does this to every girl. Every time at the last spin, he does it.” She walked back up the stairs and into my guest room and closed the door behind her. I don’t know how I saw her do that, but I did. I don’t know what he wanted to do with me. Maybe rape, maybe kill. I don’t know. He pushed me out to do a spin, but our hands let go of each other. I took a few breaths because I was tired, and realized that I could run now. I bolted up the stairs, grabbed the door handle (which thankfully was unlocked), and ran out the door. I was fast. And I didn’t look back in fear of either falling or seeing them behind me. I told myself to jump over the fences and said to run through the Lee’s yard (twins whom I thought I’d had a crush on a while ago). I ran through the creek and told myself just to keep running, while I pulled out my phone. I couldn’t dial 911 while I was running so I held it in my hand and continued. I somehow ended up in a valley, and then ended up in the city. My voice came in my head and said “I knew I couldn’t use my phone, he w las probably tracking it, so I asked for some water and got 7 gallons.” While this was happening, I was doing the motions of it. Getting to the city, asking for water. I asked for money but got water, also.

Posted 1 year ago

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