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An Old Friend

~the names in my dream have been change for privacy reasons~

Recently i got back in contact with and old friend named Mark. Last night he was in my dream. I don’t remember ever having a dream about him for as long as I knew him and I known him for a while (since the 7th grade~we’re both 26 now). But in my dream we were hanging out at my moms house. We were smoking and catching up on everything. So he ask me “Amber since we known each other for as long as we have tell me something abut yourself that either no one or only a hand full of people knows”. So I giggled and said “well there is one thing only Madison (my friend) and Jacob (my ex) know. But you have to promise because I know how you are you have to promise you wont take advantage of it”. He said scouts honor and I knew the bastard was lying LMAO. But I mumbled “I like being tickled”. He smiled and jumped on the couch next to me saying “what?…what did you say?!” I said “nope I said it not my fault if you didn’t hear me”.

Next thing I know he pins me down and starts tickling my sides. I’m screaming with laughter begging him to stop. And he goes “no I thought you liked this?! You just said you liked this”. I tried to move his hands but it was no use he was too strong and I was to weak from being tickled. He moved up to my armpits and I couldn’t even speak at this point nothing but laughing. The more I tried to get him to stop the more it tickled. He moved back and forth between my sides and stomach for about another 5 mins; I had tears in my eyes at this point. Giving me just enough time to catch my breath as I was about to talk he flipped me over sat on my ass and tickled the hell outta my feet. When he was finally done I leaped on him getting ready to playfully choke him and he grabbed me pulled me in close and kissed me…i stared at him for a minute then grabbed his face and we made out then I woke up after we opened our eyes looking at each other….

Key Things:

1. he always liked me but i never had the same feeling before
2. he had a sex dream with me recently
3. we dont talk/see each other everyday

and most importantly…

4. he has a girlfriend

Posted 8 months ago

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