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Angry Party Gunman

From the beginning of this dream, it was my boyfriend and I attending my aunts birthday party. We and also my two close friends were there with me. This white man with orange hair came into the house and apparently it was some party trick type dude, I mean i’d say he’d be a party clown but he wasn’t dressed up in all full clown suit nor did he have a red button nose. He looked regular, a black jacket, white tank top, and baggy jeans. Anyways, he had the worst party tricks ever and started to grab me from behind and touch me in areas, I didn’t want to be touched. He still was on me and I confronted my boyfriend saying, “Babe do you see what hes doing?!” and then my boyfriend grabbed his arm, tossed him out of my way and they started fighting. The man was laughing, thinking the whole thing was funny but he stopped bothering me. My boyfriend on the other hand was mad and went somewhere else in the house. I decided to tell the man to leave because he was a horrible party trick and all he said to me was, “I still better get paid for this” and left but I watched him once he stepped outside, he pulled out a gun and in that moment everything stopped for a second and focused right on the gun, looking bright and was flashing. Then everything went back to focus and I screamed, “HE HAS A GUN HE HAS A GUN”. I realized that my uncle left the garage door open and that’s where the gunman headed and shot my aunts and my mom. My two friends hid in the kitchen and I ran outside but everything started going slow and I heard screams from inside. The screams started getting louder and louder, so I woke up breathing heavily,

Posted 1 year ago

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