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In the dream i was On top of a building in the evening/sunset im watching the hot air balloons in the sky with friends. The wind picks up and all of a sudden they one by one start crashing down into the ground in huge fiery explosions. The sky is red and fiery and night time. One balloon crashes into a building right in front of my building.( the space is fairly open and to my right an open field there are not a lot of buildings around but there is one a couple hundred meters from the right of my building, there are many trees in the distance)I grab a fire extinguisher to go and put out the fire and as i go outside the fire is gone but there are still more crashing, i am warned by other people to get inside. The electricity is out now. The wind has picked up so furiously ( but is not effecting us) that it has picked up vehicles and they are falling from the sky crushing people. I know when they are coming because there is an awful sound like tearing metal but also like a siren and it denotes evil. As i stand in the field with a small crowd my sister and parents are there too , we see a car falling though we do not know which way to run. We are all panicking and we all run in different ways . As the vehicle gets closer it lands waaay further away than expected ( like it had no chance of even harming anyone) . We run to the second building for safety . But before i make it there i hear the sound again and i turn back to see my sister still in the field mourning her friend, and i look up to see a motorized scooter falling right above her. I run and grab her to pull her out of the way. We go inside the building. The sounds are happening more frequently . I realize there was something important i needed from the first building so i venture out and as i get inside to go down the stairs it is so pitch black that i cannot see anything. I go back outside. My mom is there. She gives me a flashlight. I end up going and looking around the basement then i leave back to the other building . As im there , there are more and more vehicles falling and we all feel really threatened . My roommate and a few other recognizeable faces go down to the basement and we hide underneath the staircase .dust is shaking off it and our faces are covered in soot. I wake up as i hear another sound. Note: the sound is a horrible and scary… It has alwayd happened in any nightmare i have

Posted 1 year ago

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