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At the store, Space Shuttle falls to ground

I didn’t know what to put this under, but here it goes: I dreamed that my father, sister and I went to the store to buy a few items, my sister then found a collection of make up and clinique type items. The price wasn’t on the product bag, and so we decided to ask the clerk as we were checking out. We asked the clerk to scan everything else first, by this time my father had to go to the restroom, which he left to go to, and left me and my sister the money. My sister asked the gentleman and he couldn’t find the price. He finally found the price which came out to 68.99, and, like in real life, my sister said ehh forget it, it’s too expensive. The gentleman than offered to help us take the cart full of items to our car and help us load it up. It was my sisters civic, but instead of it being blue, it was silver. In the distance I could see that the street was blocked off by police officers. And I saw a shuttle, or rocket ship, (it looked like a rocket ship from an old movie, but we kept calling it a shuttle) take off into the sky, it went pretty high up where it became smaller in view, and the shuttle suddenly took a nose dive and came down miles away from us. It seemed close to us but this is where it seemed interesting, it was dusty outside, the spacecraft came down, my sister was on her phone, I told my sister to look, took one look and went back to her phone. Then a tremendously large explosion happened with a giant fireball, but there was no boom sound, or explosion sound from it, it was soundless, my sister still didn’t notice it, but noticed it when I kept telling her to look, and she said “oh, shit.” When she noticed the fireball, dirt came from the sky as though the rocket ship had thrown it up when it crashed, and I could feel the dirt hit me on the head arms and face, and ash and timber came down after. Then I woke up, anyone got any ideas?

Posted 1 year ago

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