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Being a pasanger in truck driving fast up steep hill

Hi. I’m new here so I hope I’m not doing this wrong.At times I have nightmares that I can remember for days/weeks.The one I had last night was so horrible that I can’t stop thinking about it & am wondering if anyone knows what this could mean. I’m a passenger in a truck that’s driving on some sort of highway following a bunch of other cars. All of a sudden I notice everyone is starting to drive very fast up a mountain that is so steep! I can feel myself going straight up it freaking out that I want out! The next thing I know we get to the top of this mountain which turns out to be a weird vacation like camp ground for dirt bike racing. The tracks are literally like a roller coaster and if u fall off u fall right off mountain. Their are condos up there also and the entire time I’m there I’m panicked that I’m going to fall & cant understand why people are doing this on the top of such a huge mountain! There’s little kids there, babies, teenagers, old people , even dogs & cats. At one point a guys cat decided he wanted to go home & started jumping/falling down the mountain ending up dying in the water at the bottom(I think). im terrified the entire time & don’t want 2 go back down that mountain to go home. I don’t know anyone around me. I can’t watch the racing. I just want to hide. Now it’s ending & time to leave. Something happens tho and the roads break or something so the cars can’t drive back down. I hear someone say that no one even knows there’s this place on top of the mountain. It’s not aloud since it’s so dangerous. A bunch of people (couple young teenagers that I was talking to) decide to go down on their own sliding down it. From what I’m hearing they are all dying. There are only about 20 of us who are too afraid to go down and die. There’s so much confusion around. I’m freaking out. It ended by the forest fire helicopter seeing people falling to their deaths and figured out what was going on, I was one of the few who made it down by this weird tram that drove down half to mountain to where a helicopter could get us down safely. I woke up terrified this morn. I felt like it had all been real. Then I feel back to sleep & dreamed about being lost & having no one to drive me home from the weird place the helicopter dropped me off at. I just searched and searched thru these weird roads for help meeting weird dressed up people that wouldn’t help me at all. I woke up again feeling so scared. I’m almost afraid to go back to sleep right now I fear of dreaming like this again. Does anyone have any idea what in the world would cause me to have such a bizarre & horrible dream? Thanks so much for any info..

Posted 8 months ago

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