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Being a Social Worker for Child Protective Services

**First: I am a recent graduate, who is working as a social worker in a nonprofit that works with housing issues. My goal is to become a Child Protective Services.

In my dream, I bought a condo for my mom and siblings. They were very happy in my dream. Then, all of a sudden, I worked for CPS as a social worker.
While I worked for CPS, I met a little Asian American girl who was being abused by her mom and stepfathers. (Note: I am Asian American). I thought the child can live with her mother now, since her mother left her stepdad. However, some older social workers told me that the little girl was still endangered because they have done some last minute investigation where they saw her mom back with an old boyfriend (who she dated for 5 years), so the child had to stay at a foster home that night. The new boyfriend abused her too. The social workers (who I dont know in real life, but are older and seem to be my coworkers) told me there were no more temp. foster homes that night. I offered but they realized that I couldnt bc it would breach my contract and I had my own family (my boyfriend became my husband in the dream). Then, my mom was a foster mom and had no kids at her place, so they told me to drive her 1 hr to my mom’s home. I ended with driving this child to my mom’s house. What could this mean?

Posted 1 week ago

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