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Being Chased, a Friend Murdered, and Almost Getting Killed

I’ve had this dream several times now, and it’s always with different people. I’m usually at some outdoor event be it a concert or a party, something without a lot of details but I feel this really dark presence and next thing I know my friend and I walking down a street. We are talking and laughing then she does something incredible (what it is changes every time). So we get to a member of my families’ home, this time it was my grandmother (past have included my mother, aunt, and fictional relatives) and we’re sitting together having a good time talking. I’m telling a story about my friend and say some key phrase about her being special (i.e. having powers) and the family member will snap, get really quiet and go to another room. My friend and I will shrug and soon the other person comes back. My friend gets shot in every dream but this is the first time I’ve been able to lunge for the gun, we fight over it but she still dies. Then the family member tries to kill me, never with a gun though, they want it to be slow and painful. I go for my purse which has my knife and my baton which I grab and try to use with non lethal force, I am able to lure her into the back yard and lock the door. I run for the side door and flee down the street but I move so slowly as if the universe wants them to catch me. I forget about the gate though and she sees me just as I cross the street, and starts chasing me. I pull my phone out and call 911, also a first for this recurring dream, as I am speaking to the operator everything goes black and I wake up.

Posted 2 years ago

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