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Being chased and betrayed.

Ok, this dream is weird so it all starts out with me going on a normal day for school, and there was this chemistry and for some odd reason i started to dye my hair blonde with this powder, anyway didn’t think much of it the school day was ending so i decided to get out from the school and head home, in which someone provoked me and so i hit the guy and then he started yelling and screaming and chase me. When i was running a couple of school mates were also running and they were sitting at the tables around the school when i had been running they appeared out of no where. Anyways when i was running they came running and said run run run and i followed them to my friends house (She was with us) and her dad was like i’m gonna protect you and i was like alright. So this guy comes to her house banging the door and i was sitting there thinking her dad was gonna protect me but he didn’t he just stood there and did nothing. and my phone was charging in the electrical outlet so i couldn’t grab my things and get going but i managed to get out without my phone which i personally thought was saddening. So i ran home and my family came to the girls house and the house turned into a monster … it started walking towards us and we killed the (house). i went into get my charger and phone and so we went home… I know this dream is crazy but does anyone know what this symbolizes?

Posted 1 year ago

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Interpretation #1

Also forgot to mention that when i went out the blonde hair dye went away because it was raining.

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Answered By: LeoChristo(2 points Novice)

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