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Being in a secret relationship with my boss

It started out talking about and working on projects projects in our stores, then he started getting goofy with me (which he normally does, he\’s real big into puns and being the funny guy, even though he\’s our boss; we\’re in the same age group as well). But mixed in with that was him being really affectionate towards me. Now, my boss is very attractive to me and is my type to a T. He\’s tatted and funny and cute. So I didn\’t have a problem with it in my dream except he is engaged to be married very soon (and his fiancee is gorgeous and also works for our company, AND she\’s super sweet on top of gorgeous). This was known in my dream as well except he was very touchy feely, but it wasn\’t overtly sexual, just very loving, like we were in a relationship. We even did some climbing in my dream and was in one of those skybox things and started dancing in one while passing apartments that said they had 12 available spaces (not sure why that was so prevalent in my dream but it stuck out to me). We were enjoying one another\’s company and being really affectionate, some kissing but nothing sexy sexy. I\’m usually good ad deciphering but this confused me. I\’m in a relationship with someone who I am growing more and more on love with as the time passes so this dream was odd because I wasn\’t even thinking about work or my boss before I fell asleep.

Posted 1 year ago

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