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Being in labor

I had a dream last night that I was In labor and the pain was so horrible. Not only that but the strangest part was there was a woman next to me also going through labor. Almost as if we were twins or conjoined or connected. Another odd part was that the labor pains were coming from my knees, that’s where it hurt. But the pain was so bad. Then I was given an epidural and the pain completely went away. But the lady giving birth with me did not receive one. After I received the epidural I stood up and so did she and it turned out we were not conjoined. The whole time I was in labor though, it felt like we were giving birth to the same baby. The epidural made me pass out after that and then my dream ended.

I am only 19 and do not plan on getting pregnant anytime soon. Although I have been intimate with a guy before. And this dream was definately the oddest dream I have ever had and it freaked me out a little. For example why was the other woman in the bed right next to me going through the same pain. We were laying there together in pain giving birth to one baby. I have no idea who se was, I never saw her face just her knees and my knees because we had them bent as we were in labor together.

Posted 5 years ago

Interpretations (1)

Interpretation #1

You are giving birth to the new you. Knees are related to moving forward in life with your own direction and identity. The other woman was also you, but it could also represent others like you going through similar a situation. The dream is an invitation to be compassionate for yourself and others going through this kind of ’emerging identity’ process that can be quite painful weather you are aware of it or not (epidural).

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Answered By: thornad(84 points Slumber Master)

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