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Being in labor and fighting an intruder

Last night I had a dream that I was pregnant and was living in a large fancy house with my boyfriend. (I am not currently pregnant nor trying to get pregnant and we living in a rental house with room mates) Shortly into the dream I went into labor and was just hanging around the house with my boyfriend (I want a home birth which is why I didn’t want to go to the hospital). When I looked out the window I saw my grandparents car in the drive way and there were a bunch of people digging around in it obviously stealing things out of it, then I saw one of them run toward the house. So I told my boyfriend and he went outside with his shotgun and scared them off. Once he came back inside I took the shotgun from him and told him I knew someone was in the house and I needed to find them. So he followed me around as I looked through all of the rooms. When I looked in the pantry there was a door in the back of it with a frosted glass window pane in it. Through the glass I could see the man looking back at me, so I tried to shoot him in the forehead but the shotgun was shooting nails for some reason. He started to come after me and my boyfriend was telling me to shoot his knees so he couldn’t come after me. So I was shooting at him and he just ended up with a bunch of nails sticking out of his knees and forehead. I could tell that he was crazed on drugs and tried to come at me with a needle. Some how my boyfriend had the gun and the drugged up man was wrestling with me trying to infect me with his needle, but I knew if he did both the baby and I would get sick. My boyfriend couldn’t shoot him because he was so close to me, and almost got me with the needle multiple times. Through this whole thing I could tell I was having contractions. Then I suddenly woke up. It’s been freaking me out all day.

Posted 4 years ago

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Interpretation #1

Though you are not pregnant, the dream infers that life can put you through some difficult times. It is not necessary that you will face problems only when you are pregnant, the problems can come at any time. The dream is asking you to be more prepared to deal with them. If you are not fully prepared, you may find yourself in an extremely difficult situation, with no passage for exit. So, the time to act is now and you should plan and prepare for the troubles that may come up. It also hints that you are always going to sail through in life.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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