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Being naked in public

I had this dream only 2 times in my life. I am a shy person when it comes to being naked, but in my dream I didn’t care what will people think or say. Didn’t even try to hide my private parts and was laughing out loud with pride, at some point I realized it was a dream and started laughing out even lauder and woke up myself just to continue laughing.

Posted 9 months ago

Interpretations (1)

Interpretation #1

When you realised it was a dream you could’ve been having a Lucid Dream which is the ability to control your dreams OR realise you are dreaming, but because you was laughing you are obviously enjoying the dream which is rare that people laugh after they’ve dreamt about something.

I couldn’t really help you because you didn’t explain it a lot like where you was naked, who was there eg. But if you can’t remember it’s fine (:

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Answered By: iDreamer(10 points Novice)

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