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Being pregnant

So last night I had a dream that I was pregnant. Im 19 and well being pregnant scares me, my parents would kill me and Im not even in a compitted relationship. Ok back to my dream so In my dream I found out that I was pregnant and then it all fast forward to me in the delivery room having the baby. I was having contraction very intense ones and the doctor wasnt coming in to the room to deliver my baby. My mom ended up delivering my baby while my dad held my hand. In the past Ive dreamt that I was pregnant but in never went all the way to me delivering. I had the baby and I saw him it was a boy. I can still see his little face in my head. I was very happy and totally in love with my baby boy but I kept crying thinking that my life was now over. They took him away and then I just got up and started walking around life I hadnt just delivered my baby a moment ago the doctors kept asking me of I was in pain and I said no because I really wasnt. They said well that one if the good things of being such a young mother. After that I wanted to see my baby but they wouldnt let me and then started a chase to try and escape them and find my baby. Its wierd that I remember my dream on such detail. And also when I woke up I kind of wished that it was real because I felt like I wanted that baby so much. But Im not trying to get pregnant and I dont think its the time for me to be a mother.

Posted 3 years ago

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