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Being Pregnant and in Labor

I had a dream about me being pregnant [I am not pregnant in reality, and I’m not even trying to be pregnant] and in labor. I was in a hospital bed [I remember the bed sheets were red with some flower details] and then, when I was about to give birth, the baby just moved to another position [first he was in birth position, then he moved to my left, and then he moved again to be in birth position], he was like playing around in my belly. I know he was moving, because I could see him, I don’t know how, but my belly , somehow turned translucent and I could see my baby “running” from one side to another. I could not give birth to my baby, so I got out of the bed, and went out to look for someone or something, I never realized what it was. When I was outside, looking for “that”, every 5 or 10 minutes I felt the contractions on my body, that told me that any moment soon the baby would be born. I kept on looking for what I was looking [never found it], but in my way I found lots of people that I knew from my classes, my neighbor, etc. I remember that I was not alone when I was outside, I was with two friends of mine, and every time I had one contraction, that I had to kneel down to hold on, they were there, helping me. I was never afraid of having the baby, in fact, I was happy, but I just could not find the thing that I was looking for. All I knew was that thing was important to me, but everyone around me just wanted me to return to the hospital to give birth, but I… it’s not that I didn’t want to give birth ’till I find that thing, it’s just that, I don’t know why I wanted that, and I also wanted to give birth, but I just could not do it without the thing.

Posted 5 years ago

Interpretations (15)

Interpretation #1

Dreaming about giving birth means that you are going to undergo a drastic change in how you view life. Looking for something, means that you need to change a small aspect of yourself before you can undergo the large shift. The fact that your classmates and neighbors were there, means that there are people supportive of your change. This must mean, that the shift that is going to happen, is a shift for the good. 

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Answered By: fatefate( points Novice)
Interpretation #2 by Anonymous

you are about to birth something in the spirit..either moving to a new or next  level in your are pregnant for it right now.this new thing will be supported by both family and friends.the fact that you can see the baby move back and forth means these new thing that is coming in your life is already in eyesight it’s something that you are already perusing but you just have not found the thing that will make it materialize.ask God now to give you the wisdom AND GRACE TO TO FIND THE KEY TO UNLOCK THIS NEW LEVEL YOU ARE ALL ANTICIPATING  

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Interpretation #3 by Anonymous

I am 60 years old, retired and enjoying it. I dreamt i was pregnant and in labour, felt the baby kicking, nobody wanted to help me, i was asking for an injection and they just ignored me. I was also in the labour ward with another man that was being prepped for a vasectomy. Later i was sitting on the back of a bakkie while being in labour. i woke up and still felt the same pain.

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Interpretation #4 by Anonymous

You are about to birth or go thru something, that others may not understand or support, because they cannot discern what is going on, or why. However it is the Lord, not allowing anyone to help or assist you with this, Becuase he wants to be your source in this, so you will know that it was in him. Thus delivering you from this fear of rejection or abandonment. But be not discouraged, because many have closed the door to the ability to bring forth, because of the pain.

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Interpretation #5 by Anonymous

I was at qmart this one stand cant remember much but then i was pregnant. i ended up going into labor and right before that i woke up. my dream didnt start with anything to do with a baby. it just ended with me becoming pregnant then going into labor

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Interpretation #6 by Anonymous

Some people say that it is bad to dream that your pregnant or giving birth, why is that?

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Interpretation #7 by Anonymous

in the dream I am pregnant I’ve had this dream twice now In my dream the baby is moving, there’s a man who holds on to me and I tell him I don’t care for him and move away. I start labor pains and I tell myself my baby girl is coming. In my dream I see church people from my previous church and my baby sister is with me all the time.

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Interpretation #8 by Anonymous

I have dreams nearly every month that I am pregnant and in labor and I feel the contractions. Coincidently, when this happens I wake up to find that I have started my monthly cycle. I am starting to believe that the “contractions” I am feeling during my dreams are my menstrual cramps. I don’t know why I dream that I am pregnant though. I am 40 years old, have 3 kids and 2 grandkids with another on the way. I am perfectly content in my life, love life and career. I don’t understand why my cramps are always contractions in my dreams.

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Interpretation #9

I had a dream that i was pregnant and in labor with a girl and in the hospital but for some reason i didnt want to have my baby at the hospital i wanted to go to another hospital. They sent me home and my water broke and thats when i woke up. I remember my mom also being there and being so happy telling her im finally gonna have my girl. what does this dream mean???

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Answered By: von_von(2 points Novice)
Interpretation #10 by Anonymous

I had a dream that i was arguing wit my boyfriend ans his sister. I went home to rest and all of a sudden i started feeling sharp pains. My mother and some friends took me to the hospital. And on the way one of my friends said they believe i was a labor and i said no im not pregnant. But when we made it to the hospital the doctors said i was in labor and they could see the babys head. They asked could i hold the baby until we make it to labor and delivery and i said yes but i have to pee. I started to pee as i thought i was doing but in the process i had a baby girl. She was so beautiful. I remember leaving the hospital and driving my self home. I swerved off the road a few times but the baby just looked at me. She didnt cry or nothing she just was kicking her feet. What does this mean?

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Interpretation #11 by Anonymous

Ok im pregnant I had a dream I was going into early labor in im only 20wks in my mom was at the hospital with me but she lives and another state. What does this mean

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Interpretation #12 by Anonymous

I dreamed that I was pregnant and in labor. The father of my child was my ex. I called him at work to let him know my mother was taking me to the hospital. They wouldn’t let him off work at first and said they needed 24 hours notice. He works about 45 minutes away from where I leave and i saw him driving in the freeway trying to get to me. I refused to let the baby come out until he was there. The dream ended with me still holding the baby in and my ex still trying to get to me.

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Interpretation #13 by Anonymous

I dream of being labor and my family was there even family that pass away and grandfather i never meet from my dad side who also not in my life …..but everyone came togather for the birth of my child

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Interpretation #14 by Anonymous

I just dreamt that I was pregnant, but managed to hide it from everyone, and then I went through labour. I had the baby but the first one I had wasn’t realistic, it was speaking completely normally to me but it was really really scary. It then turned out it wasn’t mine and instead mine was adorable. My father wasnt supportive at all in the dream, but my mother was. We then decided I should give it up, but I didn’t want to. What does this mean?!

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Interpretation #15 by Anonymous

One day I had a dream of being pregnant.I was in a hospital.I sat on a chair for check up,but no birth occured in dream.
Last night ,I had the dream again of being pregnant.This time ,it was so real.It was like it’s happening on reality.I was driving my bike.suddenly I had contractions.then,I was in labour room.There were two ones a doctor and a nurse.I was lying on bed.Suddenly the pain increased.Doctor asked me to be ready for delivery.She made a kind of ultrasound.Then it was aching so bad.she asked me to dilate my legs.I’m unmarried and have never be pregnant yet.I asked nurse to bring my phone.I rang my bf.I told him that I’m in labour please come soon.There was no one around.No family member.But he ignored.He just ignored it in a very bad way.Whilst talking,It started paining a lot.I started crying.Phone was missed.Doctor asked me to push.I tried so hard.Nurse said see your baby is coming out.Finally it was out.Then doctor ina very rude manner,asked me to leave the room.I left and I was walking so bad.I rang my bf again.but this time he said which baby.What are you saying.He was like ignoring me.I said him that we have been married from two years,this is our baby.I said I,dunno yet the baby is a girl or boy.but I’be delivered my baby.He just ignored.I was so angry.I cut the phone.Then I tried to look at baby,but couldnt see anything.I saw kind of papers.But I was told that baby is fine.Then I asked dr to give me some cotton,as I was leaking.But no one cared of me.I was so disappointed.Then I woke up.My body was still feeling the same.I could feel the contractions.I couldnt differentiate whether it was a dream or reality.But I was so disappointed with weird behaviour of my bf(as husband in dream).
What does this all mean??
Please some one comment!

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