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being shot multiple times but not die and then heal on my own

last night i had a lucid dream that i was in a confrontation with someone and he pulled out a gun and i told him to shoot me if he wanted to it was like my subconscious mind was scared but the person in the dream was not and he shot me about 6 time in the upper to mid body i didnt feel any pain which i thought was a little weird and after that he ran away i ran away going to the hospital but it was also weird because it was like i was running around the town i actually live in and then my wounds just healed them selfs and then i went to my uncles house and he was not there so i rn into the hills where i smoked a blunt i then came back down looking for my “friends” and then when i found them i just kept asking why they did not help or have my back which also is weird because these friends have also not had my back in the past in real life but i got rid of them a long time ago so i didnt really understand why they were reoccurring in my dream. im not really too sure what happened after that but all i remember after that is running into people i knew and showing them my scars and ater that all i remember is being at a get together with people who had a bunch of cars and i was with new friends just crusing our way through this get together i remember that there was heavily cops at this get together patroling the area and all i had on my mind the whole time was being paranoid about the police but then all of a sudden i just became the opposite was and started throwing up gang signs at the cops and then a couple laughed and a couple didnt and the ones who laughed i didnt care about it was the ones that didnt and then after that i woke up because i thought i hard a voice say want to die which was in my head becuase i live with mmy grandma and i dont think she would have said that lol anyway this was just a bizzare dream there was a couple parts that i just cant remember to clearly so i didnt put them down but the parts that did stand out in my mind i made sure and typed them here i can interpret this pretty well i think id just like to have a few more interpretations to see so i can know what this all really means

Posted 3 months ago

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