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Being Shot Several Times

In my dream I was at “my house” it was much larger than my home, but the feel was that it was my house.

There was some sort of parry being held for me (this is the 2nd time this week I’ve had a party dream) and it was quite full. Once people started to leave the party I noticed a boy who looked a few years younger than me was hanging around the living area. I didn’t recognize him from my waking life, yet I saw him during the party.

I walked to him to see why he was still hanging around and as I did he pulled out a revolver. He told me he wanted one of my video games. I calmly walked over to where I keep the case full of my collection and handed it to him.

“Here, take what ever you want” I told him. While he began to look through out it I noticed I was feeling light headed. I looked down at my lower right abdomen and noticed a bullet hole, yet instead of a bleeding wound it was a hole of white light.

I asked him if he shot me aND he just kind of nodded and smirked. I can tell he wasn’t trying to kill me, only wound me.

I started to lose my cool when I remembered all the times I’ve heard a gut shot is often fatal, and flipped out on him. “This will kill me,” I yelled “you’re going to hell for this!”

At this point I angered him so he let out two more shots that pwirces my chest. I started bleeding this time. I shambled through the house trying to keep pressure on the wound while looking for help. I found someone in the upstairs bathroom who went to confront the boy. I witnessed my helper get shot twice, but he was still charging at the boy. I heard another gun shot that missed and I yelled out “he’s out of bullets, get him”. I was on the floor bleeding out at this point and I saw my helper hit the ground as well.

Posted 1 year ago

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