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Being stuck in a dream, and almost being killed(and other things)

I was watching a show on Nickelodeon, and there were these kids that was looking for something. I saw that they had killed someone, Slit his throat, and left him there. The only thing I wondered after I saw that was(Isn’t this a kids channel?), But saw that it said [email protected], So I guessed it was all right. After that, I went to bed in my room. When I fell asleep, I had this dream(Dream in a dream)where I was with those kids in that show. They were jumping into an ocean using a rope and swinging from it, and there was another guy there who was helping them back up. One of the boys saw me, and suggested that I try, So I did. I ended up almost drowning after, But was going to let myself drown. Someone dragged me out of the water before I could though. There was a house that I guessed they lived in. There was a girl who I met, and I think she was sixteen, So she called me little because I was younger. She was obsessed with me, but she seemed pretty cool though. She ranted to me about the electronics she had. There were these two other boys there, Who I think wasn’t human. We talked about puberty for some reason, and what it does to people. I went downstairs after that, and so did the other kids. Everyone was downstairs, Then a bear came. We all ran out of the door, and I could hear one of the little boys crying. We got separated after that. Outside seemed eerie. There were so many abandoned old houses. There were people coming towards us, and Glenn(From the Walking Dead)said that they were trying to take out territory. They tried attacking us first, and I was amost stabbed with a man holding a spear. I could feel the spear on my chest in reality, and while I was asleep in “reality”(actually just another dream), I continuously repeated to myself, “I didn’t do it”, for some reason. I thought I had murdered someone. Glenn saved me though, and he killed them. I was crying a lot though. We found out that one of the other people killed the bear, and that we would have it for dinner. I was trying to get a think that looked like an oyster I suppose. I was trying to cook it, and one of the guys came up and said not to let any of the poison get on us, and showed us what it did to his arm. It was covered in red bumps and they were pretty big. I got some on my hands before he came to talk to us(it was purple). I tried wiping it off, but my hands still felt like they had poison on it. We went inside after, and I asked if I could leave. They wanted me to stay for Christmas. The house was really fancy now(It wasn’t really like that before). I told them I couldn’t, because I always did something with my dad on Christmas. They said they understood, But I couldn’t wake myself up. I was stuck there. That’s what scared me to the most. I could feel myself being so close to waking up, but couldn’t. I woke up sooner or later, but yeah.

Posted 3 months ago

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