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best friend dies in my arms with multiple gun wounds

My dream took place in an early night in an older neighborhood that I just moved into. I’m living with a close friend and we decide to walk around and explore the town. As we walk around we enter a few risky alleys with shady people and thugs around to get by. Fortunately we don’t encounter trouble yet. However later as the night goes on it feels like its around 12 or 1am, I don’t know specifics but I remember it feeling late. There’s one more destination that I want to go to but there’s this fence guarded with two or three thugs. One thug holds a bat, the other holds a metal chain, and the third has yet to reveal it. I try to be under the radar as I try to pass through first. The thugs give me trouble as I try to get through and I argue with them about why they won’t let me pass. Frustrated I argue back at them, but decide to turn back. My friend however doesn’t back down saying, “You can’t treat my bro like that!” raising his fists as he’s about to strike the man with the bat. By then the third man reveals he has a gun and shoots my friend multiple times. At that point the the other two thugs are surprised and frantic and all three run off in different directions. I run back to my friend holding his bloody body in my arms. I’m crying over his limp body. However I pick him up running with him in my arms looking for help. I find myself in front of his family’s house with his parents seeing the corpse of their son as they scream out of shock and sadness. I feel like it’s my fault he’s dead. Then there’s a white blur out as if transitioning to the another scene. I find myself calling his girlfriend to tell him the news and she doesn’t respond. I can feel the horrors of her mental state as she hears the news. I hang up crying feeling hopeless, guilty, and alone. After this I wake up and even call my friend because I still believe it all happened. Can someone please help me interpret this?

Posted 2 months ago

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