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Black Cat, Black Crow and a Spider

In my dream I woke up in my room. I have 2 cats they were both sitting outside my door like they normally do, but there was another young black cat and something else that rushed around the corner. I ignored the black cat and chased after the other animal. I found it hiding under my couch it was a big black crow the size of a bald eagle. I put my arm down and it jumped onto it. and the crow put its head on my shoulder in a snuggle fashion. I carried it outside on my porch the black cat followed me, as I step onto the patio I see a huge spider fall from one of the patio chairs (size of my hand). I put the crow on the railing and turned to face the spider, the spider ran off, the crow seemed scared the young black cat seemed amused. When I looked up (I have a covered patio) there were 100s of these big spiders on my roof, just sitting there. I woke up, I was not afraid, I am not afraid of spiders and I didn’t watch any spider or animal movies.

Posted 2 years ago

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