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Boyfriend killing himself, vomiting on my bear chest, and picking seed

I dreamt that a (very snotty) cousin of mine was near my boyfriend and checking him out.. After I called him into the other room and said something, she had over heard our conversation and left leaving her cell phone behind. I saw it and turned to my boyfriend and said in a semi-jokingly voice “wanna snoop through it?!” After that he got very upset and the scene changes it was very eerie. Both my boyfriend and I are hanging on a very tall pole, I can’t tell the location but it could be a junk yard.. Or something of that nature. This large pole is in the middle of a lot outside with things everywhere and he doesn’t tell me, but I somehow know that we are hanging on for dear life, I need to hold on or he will not and fall to his death. After us both hanging on for a little bit he grabs my top, pulls down my shirt and vomits all over my chest, he then let’s go of both my shirt and the pole, thus killing himself. I get down and run to my sister as she comforts me, I then go into the bathroom where my mom is at and she is talking to me about it as I am picking large seeds out of my scalp, they are all tangeld in my hair. She says to me “see, its not you… You were so wrapped up with him you didn’t see what was really wrong with him” I then turn to different friends in my dream for comfort and then wake up… What does this mean?! In waking life we spend as much time together as possible and if not we are in the phone or texting. I don’t think he’s cheating because I spend almost every minuet with him especially on the weekends. He has pictures of us and me in frams decorating his house so I doubt it… He does get weird when I snoop through his phone though, I am not sure why.. But he does say that I should ask him first because he doesn’t mind.. It just really annoys him when o don’t ask to look through his stuff… I’m so confused about the symbols in my dream such as the seeds, him vomiting on my bear chest, us hanging for our lives so high up on a pole, him letting go, and my mom telling me that statement as I pick the seeds from my scalp. Please help me?? I’d very much appreciate some possible answers.

Posted 1 year ago

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