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boyfriend still being with ex

last night I had another dream about my boyfriend and his ex

1st dream: I was over my boyfriends house sitting in the living room with him and then someone knocked on the door and it was his ex , she didn’t know I was in the living room. she started talking to him and asking him questions, I heard her ask him a question as if they are still together so I asked him why is she asking you that , that’s not her business. she started talking and saying that she is still sleeping with and he doing this and that for her so she can ask what she wants (knowing that he does have a girlfriend which me) so I was angry with him and cursed him out and told him I knew it and I walked out and in the dream he didn’t even feel bad about what happened which in my dream I believed what she had said.

2nd dream: I called my boyfriend after not hearing from all day and his ex answered his phone and im like wtf I can hear him in the background playing the game or something. so I ask her why is she answering his phone let alone why does she have it and again she puts it out there that she know Im his girlfriend and that she still is in relations with him, then I hear him say why are yall arguing …?? why are we arguing?? why the hell you not checking her about talking to me or answering your phone is the question Again in my dream telling myself what she say is all true

is this what could really be going on behind my back or is it a insecurity I have about him and her mind you for Christmas she bought him a ps4!

Posted 1 year ago

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