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Broken glass. Trapped. Saved, but not really.

The beginning of the dream is hazy. I feel like I don’t belong where I am and I have to fame like I belong. I witness a woman abuse her child verbally, mentally, and physically. She notices me and suddenly I wake up in a different place. I know I am supposed to act a certain way here as well, but I just can’t seem to. These people play some sort of video games but the screens are actually windows. I tried to point it out and I was taken elsewhere. I wake up again somewhere else. I’m in pain. I am covered in tiny pieces of broken glass. They break and get worse when I try to remove them. I try to get help. I find someone I think I know. We are in an industrial basement. They point out three strange growths on my face. I look to my right and see my reflection. The growths are large and brown. One is in between my eyebrows and the other two are on my forehead. The people say that they are going to try and get me out of here but I have to wait. I wake up again in the room with people playing games. I overhear someone say “but she is one of our best” and another respond with “she is not functioning properly, she is only going to get worse.” I start sneaking back down into the basement. I run into my husband. He tells me how sorry he is and that this place was meant to protect me. He thought it was a place where I could help make games and didn’t realize they were going to put me in them. I never wanted me to go through all that I had and that he loves me. We are found out. I wake up in the basement but on a bed. I am leaning over a dinner tray that has a box and a broken light bulb on it. Then I realize that the glass is all over my face and chest. Most of it is in my mouth and I am choking on the tiny shards. My husband happened to be there as well and he starts performing the heimlich maneuver. Then I wake up in front of a screen. I feel nothing. I barely even think. I reach over and grab something that looks like a butterfly and shake off something small onto a strange sphere. I hear someone say “looks like we found more cheaters”. I continue to collect the butterflies and shake them off. Then I wake up for real.

Posted 7 months ago

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Interpretation #1

Sorry for the auto corrects in there. I had thought I caught them all and I cannot seem to edit.

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Answered By: Sketch(2 points Novice)

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